6 Tips for a Clean Home by Pristine Chem-Dry


Here at Pristine Chem-Dry, our goal is to help make your home a healthy one. We hope you enjoy these 6 tips for a clean home.

  1. Sanitize popular touch points around the house. Take a second to think about all the places in your home that are touched constantly. Some of those may include door knobs, faucets, light switches, and toilet handles. If you take time to sanitize those popular touchpoints before and after you have guests in your home you can greatly minimize germs spreading. Another idea is to encourage hand washing whenever possible with your family, especially after coming home from someplace.
  2. Regularly wipe down your countertops. Oh, countertops. A popular place for dirt, bacteria, dust, and allergens to settle. Just think about that next time you are preparing food on them. If your countertop is composed of granite or tile, you should use a mild cleaner that can refresh the sealer. The sealant on tile and granite can deminish over time, and keeping it refreshed will prevent germs to get into the porous area of the stone.
  3. Keep your rugs and carpets clean. If you want your carpets and rugs to last longer and look better, it is important to vacuum 2x a week. This stops the build-up of dirt and dust on the surface. It is preferable to use a bag vacuum with a HEPA filter or some type of microfiltration system. While keeping up on your vacuum is critical, allergens and bacteria can get trapped in the deepest carpet fibers. Some of these can include particle pollution, dirt, dust, and pet urine and dander. It may be difficult as a homeowner to notice the trapped allergens and dust, but it could still be causing allergy symptoms or health issues. The EPA suggests homeowners should have their carpets professionally cleaned a minimum of once a year. However, if you have kids or pets, the EPA reccomends two-three times a year.
  4. Use doormats or area rugs in popular places in your home. A great way to minimize the amount of dirt and dust entering your home is by placing doormats and rugs near doorways or areas that are heavily trafficked.
  5. Vacuum your couches, also! It is so easy to forget your upholstered furniture! It is very common for people to vacuum their carpets and rugs and ignore their furniture, even though they spend hours using their couch a day. Dirt and dust settles on your upholstered furniture just as easy as your countertops. For a deep clean, give Pristine Chem-Dry a call.
  6. Pay attention to your heating and air conditioning filters. Your filter should be changed at regular intervals to prevent any bacteria, dust, and allergins that enter your house from being distributed in the air. A great tip is to write the date you replaced the filter on the edge of the filter to remind yourself when you should change it again.
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