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DIY Family Cleaning Schedule

Keeping a house clean is hard with and without children. Whether it is you and your roommates, you and your spouse, or your family of five, cleaning has to happen. Keeping a home clean can feel the most overwhelming if you are doing all of the work yourself. When there is everything to do from making beds, mopping floors, doing dishes, and cleaning toilets, one person is limited on time. 

Developing a family cleaning schedule will teach your kids to value the blessings and living space that you provide for them. In just a few simple and easy steps you can teach your children to clean and get a healthy home out of it.

Involved Your Toddlers (The Younger The Better!)

When there is a toddler in the house each room is disorganized much faster. However, you can use that toddler energy to your advantage! Teach your toddlers to be responsible for small chores and tidying up after themselves. Small chores like tidying up their bed, or putting away toys after playing with them will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Integrate A Reward System

From 5 to 50, everyone in your family could use some motivation to stay on track. Using a whiteboard, markers, and some stickers, you can easily compile a family chore chart. Assign each family member to a few chores. Make sure you keep each chore age appropriate so that your child will actually be able to complete their task. 

Meet together as a family and discuss possible rewards for completing a weeks worth of chores. Some ideas we use are family pizza night on friday, or a family mini golfing date. Choose a reward that is affordable and fun to keep your family motivated to take care of their belongings. The rewards will help habits form so your family will get used to doing chores. 

Call In the Professionals

If your home in Spruce Grove, AB is long overdue for a deep cleaning, give Pristine Chem-Dry a call! Our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians can make your home feel new again. Our team at Pristine Chem-Dry handles area rugs, tile, and pet urine removal treatment. For all of your carpet and furniture cleaning needs call Pristine Chem-Dry.