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In a normal household there are easily 200,000 bacteria on the carpet. I know, ridiculous right? But it’s true! Your carpet is the most likely area to be germ-infested in your home. And yes, we are including your toilet in that equation! In fact, your carpet can hold 4,000 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Gross!

Where Do The Bacteria Come From?

You may be asking how does so much bacteria end up in your home and on your carpet? The biggest carrier of germs are your shoes. The second you step into your home you are tracking many different kinds of bacteria from all over. Just think about all the places your shoes have walked–from public restrooms to grocery stores. E.coli is a common bacteria that can end up on your carpet from shoes. While some strains of E.coli are harmless, many can make your family very sick. A simple house rule you can implement is to remove your shoes when you walk into your home.

Another common way that different strains of bacteria end up on your carpet is through dirty hands, sneezing and coughing. A specific bacteria that can end up on your carpet from these interactions is Staph. This virus lives on the skin and in the nose and can be left on your carpet very easily. Keep your family healthy by keeping your carpets cleaned!

Surprisingly, salmonella is commonly found on carpet. If your hands are not washed properly after cooking, or walking around outside and then inside can leave traces of salmonella on your carpet. Your pets poop can also carry Salmonella. Gross…we know. But, those are the facts.

How To Take Care Of It

To keep your home and family healthy, carpet professionals recommend having your carpets deep cleaned two times a year. Pristine Chem-Dry specializes in deep carpet cleaning that removes bacteria, dirt, and grime from your carpets without harsh chemicals or soaps. Our process sanitizes your carpets with our unique carbonated process that is much stronger.

Having your home on a vacuuming schedule is also critical to keeping your home bacteria-free. However, the common vacuum usually does not have the strength to remove all the germs on your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning from Pristine Chem-Dry will give you peace of mind, and will keep your family and home healthy.

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