Your Child's Artwork Goes on Paper, Not Your Carpet Pristine Chem-Dry

Your Child’s Artwork Goes on Paper, Not Your Carpet

We are all for encouraging our kids to be creative over here. However, when that creativity ends up all over your beautiful carpet it can be hard to keep your cool. We have put together an entire list of tips for cleaning up paint from your carpet:

How To Treat Wet Paint on Carpet

I know. The feeling of seeing wet paint on your carpet. Good thing paint is easier to remove from carpet than most spills! Your carpet can look good as new, so don’t stress out!

First, don’t srub the spill. Maybe I should repeat that! DON’T scrub the spill! This pushes the paint deep into the carpet fibers and makes it more difficult to remove. Second, soak up as much paint as you can with a paper towel. It can be hard to resist scrubbing the paint off, but keep calm and grab a towel. Third, don’t blot the paint with the towel. This can also push the paint deep into the fibers. Take a deep breath and lay the paper towel over the paint stain and let it do all of the hard work. Repeat until the paint has no moisture.

After you feel like the paint moisture is gone, let the stain dry overnight. I know I know. This sounds ridiculous, but it will remove it completely, keep reading!

Removing Dry Paint From Carpet

So now that you have heroically stayed calm and the paint has dried overnight try one of the options below.

  1. Using a rag scrub the stain hard. Dried paint should start to come off in pieces. Vacuum over the area when the stain is removed completely.
  2. TAKING GREAT CARE to not cut your carpet, use a knife or razor blade to pick off the chunks of dried paint.
  3. Nail polish remover is another great option. Gently dab at the dried paint with a brush or towel. Don’t use too much nail polish remover as this will corrode the adhesive on the back of your carpet. While you dab you should start to see the stain fade. This process can be repeated several times. When the stain is eliminated, go over carpet with wet rag followed by your vacuum.
  4. Try spaying the area with WD-40 and let the stain sit for 25 minutes. Then dab the area, rinse with water, and vacuum.

After you have tried these options it is important to have your carpets professionally cleaned so the stain is removed to the base and won’t come back in the future. Contact Pristine Chem-Dry for safe, non-toxic cleaning products that will not harm your mini Picassos, and give your carpets the deep, longer-lasting clean they need. Schedule a carpet cleaning appointment today!